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We are innovative leaders in the development of interactive and engaging E-Learning programs, Mobile applications, Web design services, 3D animations

As an Innovative leaders in the development of interactive and engaging E-Learning programs, Mobile applications, Web design services, 3D animations, Origamicx is dedicated to developing creative, end-to-end, digital design solutions for your company or organization. We work alongside your team to help overhaul, develop, and/or improve all aspects of your visual communication systems with appealing, professional, interactive designs.

With over a decade of experience creating engaging interactive solutions, we develop your project efficiently and effectively from start to finish - all within a scheduled time period. We strive to provide your business with a prosperous return on investment by producing high quality interactive products while providing exceptional customer service.

Origamicx was founded by Sunil Kumar. We are based out in Bangalore, India. but take on projects for clients located around the world. Our client base spans the Canada, USA, Dubai, and Lebanon. We are a small, efficient team of professionals, each with a unique specialized skill set including designers and developers. We love what we do and enjoy helping our clients maneuver through the creative process of translating existing offline business initiatives into immersive online experiences.

eLearning 80%
3D Animation 58%
Web Development 90%
eCommerce 50%
Wordpress 70%
Magento 40%
Android App Development 70%
iOS App Development 45%

Let's Dream Together!

Our work ethic and complimentary skills meant we were at home as a team. We developed a philosophy, “Work smart, Dream big”. This would shape the future landscape of Origamicx.
“Work smart, Dream big” is simple: We only deliver highly creative, custom work, no matter the size of the client. We always provide value for money and pride ourselves on excellent customer service, the kind you would expect from a modest business.
With a determination for success, we have built a diverse client list from localbusinesses to internationally renowned brands. Our team is always growing, and it’s important that each new member of the “Origamicx family” share’s our passion, determination, and maintains our level of quality control and client service. This way, the “Work smart, Dream big” attitude will always remain.

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Web Design & Development
It’s important to use the right technology at the right time for the development of a web site. We amalgamate multiple technologies like Java, html, PHP, Wordpress, Magento etc keeping in view its effectiveness for a particular project.
3D Animation
Here at Origamicx, we take pride in being able to provide you with custom-built, simulation-based training, Walk through, modelling and more.
App Development
The mobile apps industry is booming, with Google and Apple now offering more than 700,000 applications each in their respective stores.
Our E-Learning team is here to help you make sure your course is exactly what you need.
The world is getting online and so are the ways to make a deliberate difference for their online presence.
Search Engine Optimization popularly refered to as a SEO, is the process of improving the visibility of a web site in search engines.



Every project starts with a bright Idea!


Every Idea is rigourously brainstormed and the best ones are put to Design


The breath-taking Designs are then hammered to take the required shape in Development


Each output from Development is put to diligence Testing


The survivours of the Test are now ready to Take Off and are Launched!

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